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Print Tech is a Graphic and Web Design company passionate about design and our clients. Each project undertaken is a story of our true abilities. We try our best to interact closely with our clients to help them achieve their true branding potential to allow for their businesses to be recognized and respected. 

Print Tech


Print Tech


Print Tech


Who we are

Print Tech is a Graphic and Web Design company based in Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa. Our products and services range from Banner Design all the way through to Web Design with in house printing on demand to remote print houses to take up larger printing jobs. 

Our philosophy

We believe that teamwork can lead to a better product and service and therefore work extensively with our clients to achieve their ultimate idea of brand awareness. Each designer is responsible for bringing a client’s design to life based on the goals set out by the client as well as the designer. 

How we work

Each design requires thoughtful collaboration to determine both the purpose and a logical path that is effective in achieving your business goals. Our focus is to ensure that any given branding project consists of strategy, planning, design, front-end code, back-end code, marketing and more.

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Work Process

A brief breakdown of the work process from initial consultation to final payment

1. Initial Consultation 

After first contact, we will need to discuss your project so that a full understanding of the elements involved and the overall scope. This consultation can take place via email conversations or through a phone call.

2. Formal Proposal

Once there is a clear understanding of the project scope, a formal proposal including the project description, deliverables, price quote, needed elements, approval process description, printing information (if applicable), and payment information will be provided to the client. If the proposal is approved, a signed copy of the proposal must be returned along with a 50% deposit or full payment on the project.

3. Initial Draft & Editing

The first draft of a clients project will be designed and submitted to the client via email or any other applicable form of communication for review. The artwork can then be discussed via email or phone as to what changes are required.

4. Final

Once the client is completely satisfied with the project and before the final files are sent to the client, if a 50% Deposit has been paid, the client is required to settle the 50% balance figure and then the final files will be sent to the client. For design projects, this usually includes .jpg versions, .png versions, or a .pdf file version. For writing projects, the final version of the work in .doc format will be sent to the client.

Appointment Bookings

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